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We currently sale our beef at $2.00 per pound, on the hoof. An animal will normally dress out at about 60% of live weight, and then there might be more shrinkage in the cutting. So you are paying about $4.00 per pound by the time you get the animal cut and wrapped. A little high for hamburger but a good deal on a great steak!

We are not a retailer so we cannot sell you a package of steak or a pound of hamburger. We sell you the animal alive, "on the hoof." We deliver it to the butcher of your choice and you pay the butcher for the cut and wrap. Ends up costing you about .45 per pound. If a whole beef is more than your budget can handle, more than one customer can share a beef, and if you contact us ahead of time, we can usually pair you up with someone who will share a beef with you.

We have two butchers we use, Phil's in Downey, Idaho and Theurer's in Lewiston, Utah. They both charge about the same, and the quality of the work is good both places. Phil's is a little more flexible and we can usually get them processed faster there.

Remember, we only have animals available in the spring and in the fall, so let us know as soon as possible what you want so we can reserve your beef.

You can reach us by phone at (208)747-3414.

Our email is blake@rockyaranch.com

We are located on the West Side Highway,fifteen minutes, by horse, south of Oxford Idaho, thats about three miles.