Grass fed Beef!
If you have not been keeping up with the studies being done relating to the benefits from grass fed beef, you maybe haven't heard that when you grass feed a ruminant (an animal such as a cow or a sheep that has two stomachs) its meat becomes as healthy for human consumption as the meat of fish or chicken. Whats more, they have now discovered that the fat from grass fattened beef contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a cancer preventive! That's right, when you eat grass fattened beef, leave that fat on and eat it. No longer should you eat bland lean beef instead of marbled robust flavor beef. If you want more detail you can read the article at grass article If you prefer a more scientific explanation, check it out at beef study Now I know why Grandma who ate steak and eggs for breakfast and always had a sunday roast lived to be 102 and was robust to the end. a grazing cow is a happy cow
Grass fed beef have the best flavor The studies also point out that grass fattened beef has a different flavor from beef fattened using high volumes of concentrates. That is true! But once you eat grass fattened beef for a while you will get so the other stuff is unpalatable. When I go to a restaurant now days I eat fish. I've had people tell me that after eating our grass fattened beef other beef tastes like liver. (I happen to like liver, but not when I'm eating a steak)
At the Rocky A we grass fatten our beef. It takes a little longer. They can grain fatten cattle in less than a year, and if they use growth hormones and steroids it goes even faster, but you really do not want to eat meat produced that way. effect of hormone fed beef on the children of mothers who eat it . We don't use pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers or any other inorganic substance that will have a detrimental effect on your family's health. We take about 19 months to fatten our beef. That is why our calves, born last spring and summer will be ready in October. If you want to reserve a steer for this October, please go to our sale page

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